How to Select the Best Lipstick and Lip Gloss for Your Skin Tone and Outfit

How to Select the Best Lipstick and Lip Gloss for Your Skin Tone and Outfit

When we think about face makeup, the first thing that spring to one’s mind is lip gloss or lipstick. Choosing the right and best lipstick or lip gloss color for your skin tone and outfit is very important.

"If I had to teach someone just one thing about lip color, it would be this: Find a lipstick that looks good on your face when you are wearing absolutely no makeup." Bobbi Brown
Applying the best shade of lipstick color to the lips can transform your overall facial appearance. Poorly selected lipstick shades can easily ruin your whole appearance.

There are so many shades of lipsticks and lip gloss on offer. We have plenty of choices. It can be stressful trying to select the color that you want and that suits your complexion.
Here are some useful tips and advice for selecting the lipstick shades that will pair nicely with your skin tone.

Determine your Skin Tone:
When it comes to determining your perfect shade of lipstick, identifying your skin tone is necessary.
You should know the shade of your skin, which is either light, fair, medium or, dark. Your skin tone will considerably affect which colors of lipstick look good on you.

Light skin tone- Soft, rosy pink, coral, peach, and pinkish beige are great options for light skin tone.
Fair skin tone- If you have this skin tone, coral pink in matte, rich red, orange and nude will make flattering choices.
Medium skin tone- Rose, mauve, orange-based reds, and berry shades make a lovely choice.
Dark skin tone- Deep plum, red, berry, magenta, chocolate brown, dark purple are great options for dark skin tone.

Choose a lipstick with the color of your dress:
A woman looks awesome only when she is wearing the proper dress with matched accessories along with makeup.
To dress up in the best possible way, always choose an extremely versatile lip gloss shade. Red lip gloss matches every outfit color.

Yellow or orange outfits- The best way to wear yellow outfits is by pairing them with pink, red burgundy and nude lipstick.
Blue outfits- A blue dress can be mixed with pink, nude or orange lipstick. It’s a great way to steal the show!
Red outfits- Red outfits with red, nude and peachy lipsticks are a great mix!

Pink outfits- Pink outfits look great with magenta, soft orange, deep red, hot pink, purple and wine.
Selecting the right lipstick or lip gloss color is an imperative beauty tool.