Makeuprush: How to Apply Eyeshadow and Choose Palettes

Makeuprush: How to Apply Eyeshadow and Choose Palettes

We all have heard this famous quote that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But, now to look is only necessary as well as enjoying the makeup essentials. Eyeshadow plays an important role in enhancing the whole look of the eye.

Unfortunately, many women considered it loud and say that it is too much. In fact, it's not. Always select the eyeshadow color that suits your skin tone. Good eye makeup can even uplift your simple outfit. So, please don’t ruin it and learn how to apply eyeshadow.

 “Wearing bright eyeshadow is just another form of self expression”

Steps for applying eyeshadow: 

  1. Before starting the eye makeup, make sure your skin is ready for it. It should be clean and moisturized enough so you can apply makeup on it.
  2. You must apply primer which is a very important step in any makeup. It works a base and carries the makeup.
  3. Start with the neutral shade from the end of the eyelid. Take it towards the center and go in that direction.
  4. Apply an eye pencil on the lower eyelid and eyeliner on the upper one. It is trending these days.
  5. After all that work, put on some mascara on your eyes.

Is it done? Yes, it is these simple steps. But how to choose a palette to get the tons of looks.

Guide for choosing a palette depending on the colour of the eye: 

  1. Brown eyes: it is a very common eye color in most countries. Apply some nudes along with the combination of brown shades. End it up with the shimmer effect at the end to look funkier.
  2. Grey eyes: must apply same color eye shadow. It makes a woman look good. Go for black options as well if you want smoky eyes. You need a good blending brush for smooth look.
  3. Black eyes: best eye color for any eye makeup. You can easily apply any color of your eyeshadow palette. You can play with reds, pinks and even nudes ones; it will definitely give stunning look.
  4. Green eyes: these eyes are rare so select the fawn kind of palette. It is something brown and greyish shade. Explore more shades that are bright like golden, red or purple. It brightens eyes.
  5. Hazel eyes: take an advantage of this eye color. You have several options like dark green, gold and even include pink in it.
  6. Blue eyes: it is unique eye colors so don’t choose a blue palette. Look for rich colors like peach, brown, copper and beige.

These shading techniques will work best for you. Start your practice today!